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Life Talk Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta With Mutualplus

On Friday, October 21, 2022, PT. Mutual Global Resources held Life Talk in collaboration with Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, which took place in Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta's training room. The theme was  Mental Health, "Duck Syndrome." Life Talk was organized to educate all employees about maintaining mental health in the workplace.

Life Talk was followed by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta staff from various parts. Life Talk discusses Duck Syndrome and how employees can understand what can interfere with mental health. Life Talk was attended by 3 psychologists as speakers, namely Mr. Dedy Irwanto, M.Psi, Psychologist; Ms. Ayu Mirandini, M.Psi, Psychologist; and Mrs. Tri Novida, S.Psi, Psychologist.

In his presentation, Mr. Dedy stated, "it is vital that we care more about our mental health because anxiety and hard-pressed situations are real. Hence, it can eventually explode. "

The statement was added by Ms. Ayu, who said, "if the condition gets worse, then the treatment solution is the one I changed. However, if different treatment is conducted and the cognition improves, it can eventually return to normal."

Enthusiasm is high among Life Talk participants; it is seen from the interaction between the participants and the speakers. Not only training, but the Mutualplus team also opened a psycho clinic for some participants. Hopefully, with Life Talk held, more friends will be conscious and concerned about mental health.