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Mutualplus Motivation Training with Bank BTN

On August 11, 2022, Mutualplus held a motivation training in the headquarter, specifically addressing direct sales, selling skills, and telesales. The training was conducted to provide insight for employees in optimizing direct selling techniques, developing sales expertise, and enhancing service or sales to prospective customers over the phone.

The training was attended by CLM KPR & KAR BTN division, and three speakers were present: Mr Zaenal Abidin, Mr Nicho Ridho Fauzan, and Mr Thamrin. All three speakers discussed basic concepts, techniques, and optimizing sales. 

In his presentation, Mr Thamrin said, "Direct sales are divided into single-level, host/party plan sales, and multi-level marketing. Every three points have a different approach, as a single level sells a certain item without going through a tiered marketing network. At the same time, a host/party plan is a strategy for direct selling. On the other hand, multi-level marketing is pyramid marketing or network marketing. In which every direct sale have different approaches."

The statement was strengthened by Mr Zaenal Abidin and Mr Nicho Ridho Fauzan, "The essence of sales is selling, selling, and selling. However, we also need values and characteristics as differentiation from any other in selling products or services." 

Not solely listening to speakers session, there had also been a sharing session addressing obstacles found on the field. Each participant gave their experience and input, followed by reward distribution for employees who achieved the target. The training was then closed with lunch and a photo session.