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Mutualplus Inviting to Help Others Through Blood Donation Activities

Hi friends, how are you doing today? Have you regularly donated your blood? If you haven't, PT Mutualplus Global Resources regularly holds blood donation events for the public. On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at Mutualplus Headquarters in collaboration with UTD PMI Sukabumi City.

Friends, want to know the benefits of being a blood donor? Here are the benefits of blood donation:

1. Detection of serious disease

You must be asking, what kind of severe disease are we talking about? Before someone can donate their blood, one has to go through blood tests to detect diseases, such as HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Malaria. The test acts to the prevention of disease transmission through blood transfusion. Moreover, it can be a "yellow light" for donors to also give more attention to their health condition.

2. Increase blood cell production

Blood donation can also increase the production of a red blood cells. How come? It is due to the spinal cord's natural production of red blood cells to replace the missing ones. The process will take a few weeks. In other words, blood donors encourage their bodies to stimulate fresh new blood cells. 

3. Long life

How so? According to research, doing good to others may make someone live longer. Helpful and selfless people may have a longer life of about four years. Blood donation can also maintain one's emotional health by reducing stress levels and omitting negative feelings. 

4. Maintaining heart health

Becoming a regular blood donor can help to improve blood flow and prevent arterial congestion. According to research, blood donation can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 88 percent. Moreover, blood donation can minimize the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Interestingly, blood donation can also stabilize the iron level in our blood. 

To sum up, blood donation has plenty of benefits for our health. Hence, Mutualplus organize blood donation activities to help each other and encourage people to pay more attention to their health. Let's be routine blood donors as a homage to our health and for others as well. 


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