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Mutual+ Scholarship Awardee Event batch 1-3

As an embodiment of Mutual+ concern for Indonesia's future, Mutual+ created a scholarship program for university students. On Tuesday (17/01), Mutual+ held a sharing session for recipients of 1st to 3rd-batch scholarships. Mutual+ scholarship began in 2019 with three campuses, the University of Indonesia, the Institute of Agriculture Bogor, and the University of Gunadarma. Mutual+ has given 131 scholarship packages to students at three different universities. The sharing session was attended by 25 participants wearing alma mater jackets. The participants were seen following and listening to the sharing session carefully conducted by the training team, HRD, and the President Director of Mutual+. After the sharing session, scholarship recipients became acquainted with each other. In addition to adding friends, scholarships awardee can use this event for participants to expand their networking. The event closed with lunch and photos together.