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Company Visit Awardee of Mutual+ Scholarship Batch 5 to PT Mutualplus Global Resources

On Thursday, February 29th, MUTUAL+ held a Company Visit event for the Awardee of Mutual+ Scholarship Batch 5 at the Mutual+ Headquarters in Jakarta. This event was attended by Awardees from IPB University, University of Indonesia, and Brawijaya University via Zoom. This first meeting served as an introduction to the scholarship program for the upcoming year, the first training session with the theme "Preparation to Enter the World of Work," and a welcoming speech from the Managing Director of Mutual+.


Through the training provided by MUTUAL+, Awardees were introduced to the world of work so that after completing their education, they are ready to navigate post-campus life. Additionally, as a scholarship program focused on social issues, it is hoped that with the Mutual+ Scholarship Program, Awardees will gain positive insights and be able to solve social problems starting from their immediate environment.