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Shared Love at Sasana Tresna Werdha Karya Kasih

In the midst of the golden years, worries often sneak in as unwelcome companions. For the elderly, concerns about health, finances, and physical limitations can become tangible burdens. They need not only a comfortable living space but also special attention to the mental and emotional aspects of well-being. A place that brings forth a sense of caring and support. A place that transforms worries into a feeling of security and warmth, ensuring that the twilight years are lived with peace and deserved happiness.


Sasana Tresna Werdha Karya Kasih is here to address all these challenges. Inhabited 30 elderly woman with an average age above 60th, the facility also has 10 caregivers who assist in daily activities. Residents have diverse health conditions, with some requiring caregiver assistance.


Positive activities at Sasana Tresna Werdha Karya Kasih include various arts and skills such as decorating Christmas trees, weaving, embroidery, playing the angklung musical instrument, and creating wall decorations. There is a special focus on activities that involve social interaction and creativity, creating a positive and meaningful environment for the residents.


In early 2024, MUTUAL+ visited Sasana Tresna Werdha Karya Kasih by organizing various activities such as sharing sessions, providing gifts, and visiting the residents' rooms. These activities represent MUTUAL+'s commitment to empathy, participation, and support for providing the best services for elderly women in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.