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MUTUAL+ End of Year Celebration

“Let him cook!”

“Let him cook now!”


A slang phrase recently used for a meme that signifies a call to let someone do something they excel at freely. However, the year end celebration event at MUTUAL+ is always kept far from things mastered by employees. Flashback to the last 4 competitions during the year end celebration, from making "nasi tumpeng" (cone-shaped rice), "nasi kebuli" (spiced rice), "soto betawi" (Betawi soup) to making beef soup and potato fritters. Are the taste and plating of the food far from expectations? Certainly not! Ancestral recipes, internet research, and surveys at various eateries were conducted to win this competition!


The much awaited event at the end of the year arrives. Everyone pays close attention as the announcement of the competition and the formation of teams begins. There are 21 teams from branches across Indonesia and the formation of 10 special teams located at the MUTUAL+ Head Office. Tension builds as the names are shuffled for team formation. Unlike usual, this time the committee chooses males as team leaders. Everyone hopes to be in a group that at least knows kitchen ingredients and utensils.


Ten teams are formed, and the Cake Decorating Competition is announced by MUTUAL+ Management as the closing event for the year 2023. For employees accustomed to dealing with people or numbers, and those whose work is far from culinary arts, they are now challenged to decorate the most aesthetic and attractive layer cake to welcome 2024.


Teams from various divisions collaborate, utilizing their creativity to decorate a "kue lapis surabaya" (layer cake from Surabaya). This event not only serves as a platform to enhance collaboration among employees but also provides an opportunity to unwind and express creativity beyond the routine. With the positive spirit gained from this celebration, MUTUAL+ is ready to face new challenges and approach the coming year with enthusiasm and unity.