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Be Happy With Art and Music Therapy at Panti Werdha Muslim Rumah Oma

First things first, you need to get acquainted with the amazing group from UI, consisting of Albert, Devita, Sajida, and Atina. Incidentally, Atina is a student from UB who is interning at one of the largest retail companies in Jakarta, which is why she was added to the UI group. Despite their different educational backgrounds, they were united and successfully carried out a social project held on May 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2024.


The First Muslim Elderly Home in Depok

After conducting a survey, Group 1 from UI chose Panti Werdha Muslim Rumah Oma, located at Jl. Kp. Sawah No.001, RT.001, Jatimulya, Kec. Cilodong, Kota Depok, West Java 16471. Established in 2023 by two initiators with the aim of improving the quality of life for the elderly, this nursing home has an operational permit from the local social services department and has a maximum capacity of 16 people.


CLUB: Clay, Puzzle, Karaoke & Flower Bucket

After conducting observations, the activities chosen were clay crafting, assembling puzzles, karaoke, and making flower bouquets. These activities were selected to bring warmth and joy and are related to the theme of "Increasing Productivity and Creativity to Produce Healthy and Happy Elderly." The hope is that these positive activities will provide the needed solutions for the elderly at Panti Werdha Muslim Rumah Oma and benefit everyone involved.